Grand Finals This Week

Congratulations to our six teams in their grand final this Wednesday.

Division 1 – KL Yellow v Rawesomes – 7.45pm Court 3

Inter 3 – KL Azure v KL Crimson – 6.30pm Court 5

U12/1 – KL Ruby v Wagtails – 6.30pm Court 7

U11/2 – KL Steel v Rubies – 6.30pm Court 9

U10/3 – KL Rose v Blue Pixies – 5.30pm Court 6

We hope you play your best and have a great night. If you have some time, come on down and support these teams.

Last week saw the end of the season for KL Gold, KL Cobalt, KL Garnet, and KL Amber.

Congratulations to these teams for getting to the top three of their respective divisions.

Full results of the preliminary finals are available here.