Saturday’s Draw | Canteen Duty

Saturday’s draw is now available here. We are hopeful that a full season draw is imminent.

Kedron Lions is rostered on for canteen duties this Saturday. Your help is appreciated.

The canteen proceeds help reduce the cost of our registration fees and keeps the game affordable for everyone. It is expected that everyone makes some contribution during the season. That’s what we have all signed up to.

A reminder that  a minimum of two people over 15 are to be in the canteen for each of the timeslots. This could be six people for a third of the time, four people for half the time , two people for the entire time slot or some other combination.

The following teams are required to fill these duties on this rotation.

Coaches/Managers -Please let James Scott ( know today if your team has problems with numbers.

10am to noon – U11 Ruby

noon to 1.30pm – U12 Indigo

1.30pm to 3pm – Div 5 Cobalt

3pm to 4.45pm – Div 3 Sky