Coming into finals

Our season-long hard work (and not too much pie over Xmas) has put our proud Lions’ Den front and centre coming into the finals race!

We sure hope you have all enjoyed the season so far but the next few weeks are really the time to hit the courts with a fire in our bellies and pride in our hearts, and most of all, to have a blast!

We will have 19 teams – yes that’s right, 19 teams – playing in finals next Wednesday night!

The 7 teams not competing in finals this season only missed by very small margins and let it be known that those teams’ efforts have not gone unnoticed!  Any and all club successes lay with us all as a collective.

We would like to see as many of you as possible cheering through the finals, so get Grandma off her kindle, Grandpa out of the garden shed and rally all of our supporter troops together at Bradbury Park for the next few Wednesday nights.

Please cheer as loudly, heartily, and frequently as you can, but always for the players, and never, ever against the umpires or opposition – no matter what the circumstances.  We are above that as a club and as mentors for our children! See you at Bradbury Park next week in Red and Blue!!!

As soon as the draw for Semi-finals has been received, we will post it for you to see.



Adam Disney

Coaching Coordinator