Kedron Lions roaring our way into the Finals

Congratulations to 4 Kedron Lions Teams on getting straight through to Grand Finals Wednesday 5 March. KL Topaz (Inter 4), KL Suns (U11/1), KL Navy (U10/2), KL Coral (U10/4)

Another 13 teams will play in the preliminary finals next Wednesday to battle it out for a spot in the grand final:
A grade KL Gold, KL Red, A Res KL Blue, A3 KL Scarlet, C Grade KL Crimson, Inter 2 KL Steel, Inter 3 KL Cyan, U12/1 KL Cardinal, U12/2 KL Sapphire, U11/2 KL Aqua, U10/1 KL Sky; KL Flame, U10/2 KL Electric. Unfortunately in A Grade and U10/1, Kedron Lions are playing Kedron Lions so there can only be 1 winner.

Even though the season is over for KL Teal A3 Grade, KL Magenta B Grade, KL Cobalt C Grade, KL Ultra Inter 1, KL Garnet U12/1, KL Capri U11/2 and KL Daffodils U10/4, we hope you enjoyed your netball and the competition.

To KL Azure and KL Primrose well done for getting to the semi-finals, better luck next season.

Draw for Preliminary Finals available here

We hope to see as many supporters as possible on Wednesday night – come out to cheer our teams on.