BNA Record Smashed!

It was an extraordinary night last night for the club.

With four teams having the week off and a secured spot in next week’s grand finals, we had another 13 teams with a final chance to stake claim on a run next week.

Now this is the extraordinary bit – we were not defeated by any other club this week. Eleven of the teams are coming back next week for the grand final and the two that were pipped, were narrowly beaten by fellow Kedron Lions teams.

So next week, we have 15 teams representing us across the 17 BNA divisions we fielded teams this Summer. We are told this is a BNA record. Well done to all the players, coaches and families. Keep your focus for one more week.

We congratulate the KL Gold team on an outstanding summer season finishing solidly in third place in A grade.

We also congratulate our little ladies in the KL Flame finishing third also in U10 Division 1. Don’t let the scoreline deceive the quality of the game. Both teams stepped up a level in a very defensive nail biter.

Full KL Results

A Grade: Kedron Lions Red 48 d Kedron Lions Gold 40

A Reserve Grade: Kedron Lions Blue 44 d Blue Raptors 37

A3 Grade: Kedron Lions Scarlet 39 d Aspley Tigers (1) 31

C Grade: Kedron Lions Crimson 39 d NSJ Saints 37

Intermediate 2: Kedron Lions Steel 23 d Steelers Pink 17

Intermediate 3: Kedron Lions Cyan 22 d Wobbles 14 (extra time)

Under 12/1: Kedron Lions Cardinal 16 d Blue Lightning 9

Under 12/2: Kedron Lions Sapphire 17 d Ripcurls 6

Under 11/2: Kedron Lions Aqua 10 d Blue Gremlins 7

Under 10/1: Kedron Lions Sky 6 d Kedron Lions Flame 5

Under 10/2: Kedron Lions Electric 7 d Runaways 5

Full Preliminary Results