Six Premiership Summer


Congratulations to all our 150 players who donned the red dress and did us all proud last night! It was a great atmosphere from the start of the night with spirit a plenty.

We left Bradbury Park with six pieces of silverware, a ton of heart, and by far the strongest and most consistent club in the Association.

We also congratulate Megan Kelly from A Grade KL Red who was awarded best goaling average award last night – 74.8%

As a community we would like to thank all the players, coaches, umpires, committee, and families on an outstanding Summer season. We especially would like to thank the tireless efforts of  volunteers headed up by Niki McLarnon and Adam Disney, our selectors last season, Shavaun Dolan, Rob Wildin and Alecia Connor; and our ever present umpires convenor Andrew Hickey.

Check  out the pics from yesterday on our Facebook page.

For all results click here.

C Grade: KL Crimson 42 d Steelers Black 22
Intermediate 3: KL Cyan 21 d Blue Storm 17
Under 12 Div. 2: KL Sapphire 16 d Blue Thunder 13
Under 11 Div. 1: KL Suns 24 d ACE Gazelles 15
Under 10 Div. 2: KL Navy 9 d KL Electric 5
Under 10 Div. 4: KL Coral 16 d NSJ Lil Saints 1

A Grade: Rawesomes 59 d KL Red 35
A Reserve Grade: TIP (3) 52 d KL Blue 31
A3 Grade: Blue Breakers 50 d KL Scarlet 28
Intermediate 2: TIP (4) 25 d KL Steel 13
Intermediate 4: Rebels 13 d KL Topaz 10
U12 Div. 1: Rockstars 18 d KL Cardinal 15
Under 11 Div. 2: Blue Rockets 10 d KL Aqua 7
Under 10 Div. 1: ACE Dynamites 12 d KL Sky 9
Under 10 Div. 2: KL Navy 9 d KL Electric 5