Semi Finals Results

Four of our teams have now qualified for the grand final in two weeks time, including KL Red in Division one, KL Scarlet in division three, KL Spotto U12 division one and KL Flame U10 division one. Congratulations, and freshen up on your week off.

Another six teams are coming back next week for the preliminary finals – KL Yellow (Div 2) KL Steel (Div 4) KL Ultra (12/1) KL Aqua (11/1) KL Suns (11/1) and KL Garnet (11/2)

All special requests for next week’s draw must be submitted to BNA by noon on Monday, so coaches/managers please let us know of these ASAP to

Full Results

Well done to our four teams who took out fourth place in their respective competitions – KL Sky (Division 1), KL Cyan (Division 5) KL Azure (12/2) and KL Capri (10/2). We will see you back for the summer season.