Get Down to Support Your Grand Finalists

This week sees six of our teams in the grand finals. Come and show your support for them!

The highlight is our first division team, KL Red tackling their season rivals who they upset in the qualifying final.

Div 1 KL Red v Rhapsodies 3.15  Court 3
Div 3 KL Scarlet v Blue Dragons 3.15  Court 1
U12/1 KL Spotto v Blue Eagles 11.45 Court 3
U11/1 Blue Dolphins v KL Aqua 10.00 Court 4
U11/2 Little Wings v KL Garnet 11.45 Court 1
U10/1 KL Flame v Blue Angels 10.00 Court 2

We congratulate all our third place teams who battled away in the inclement weather last Saturday but were unsuccessful in securing a place this Saturday – KL Yellow (Div 2), KL Steel (Div 4 – PES), KL Ultra (U12 Div 1), and KL Suns (U11 Div 1).

We will see you at the Trophy Presentations on the last weekend in August.