Season Launch and Netball Draw

We are back again launching round one of BNA Summer 2014/15 competition. Good luck to everyone taking the court next week. The U10s play at 5.30pm on Tuesday night and the rest of you from 5.30pm on Wednesday night.


We have uniforms to dispatch tomorrow [Saturday] between 9am and 10am, so if you have ordered, come on down and look out for the Kedron Lions shade up near the top courts (1-4).

Help I am new!

Don’t worry. Come to the shade on Tuesday or Wednesday from around 5pm or look for one of the ‘Crew’ from Kedron Lions. You can’t miss the shirt. We are here to help.

Make sure you know your team and when and where you are playing by looking at the draw. Consult the map of Bradbury Park for your court number.

If you are lucky enough to be scoring or timing, here is a tip sheet you may want to familiarise yourself with.

Oh yeah…and here are the rules of netball.

The first few weeks

The first three weeks are grading weeks. So while we have BNA has done their best to align teams’ capabilities with similar teams, there is some room to move in these first few weeks. Points and goal differences will still count, and a full season draw will be released after this grading period.


A reminder that Kedron Lions promotes positive behaviour in and around the courts. Remember also that there are a lot of umpires that are young and giving it a red hot go. They are not going to get it right every time and we always need to support them.

All players, coaches, officials, and spectators must follow Netball Australia’s Code of Behaviour when attending any Kedron Lions Netball event.

Please familiarise yourself with these policies and have lots of fun next week and throughout the season.