Wed Finals

Wednesday saw three of our teams progress straight into the grand finals (KL Scarlet (div 2), KL Rust (div 4), and KL Flame (U11/1)).

Another seven play off next Wednesday for a chance to make the grand final – KL Red (div 1), KL Crimson (div 5), KL Amber (Inter 3), KL Ultra (U12/1), KL Suns v KL Fire (U12/3), and KL Azure (U11/1).

We also congratulate the seven teams who placed fourth in their comps – KL Gold (div 1), KL Ruby (div 3), KL Teal (div 4), KL Royal (16-19yrs), KL Rose (Inter 2), KL Garnet (U12/1), and KL Midnight (U11/2).

A big shout out to Benita and team Royal who were thrown some big hurdles this season. Where they settled to after grading was challenging, but they overcame this to post a number of great wins toward the back end of the season and just miss the preliminary final by 3 goals. We are very proud.

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