Grand Finals Wednesday

Grand Finals are on Wednesday night from 5.30pm. Please come on down at anytime on the night and get behind your club and the eight teams making an appearance.

Let’s add to the trophy cabinet that Capri started to fill last week. Good luck to all the ladies playing.

Help needed

Please let us know if you can help out just a little bit on the night by replying to as soon as possible.

We are seeking:

· 6 scorers/timer to help out so that players, parents and friends of the teams are able to fully enjoy the night; We have Red and Scarlet already sorted.

· 10 people to run the canteen in five x 45 min shifts from 5.15 – 9pm (Happy if you can take a double shift or a split one) – shifts start at 5.15, 6.00, 6.45, 7.30, and 8.15. Nominate yourself and a buddy.

Div 1 Ct 3 7.30 Ristocats v Kedron Lions Red

Div 2 Ct 3 9.00 Kedron Lions Scarlet v Renegades

Div 4 Ct 4 9.00 Kedron Lions Rust v Aspley Tigers 2

Div 5 Ct 2 7.30 Aspley Tigers 3 v Kedron Lions Crimson

U12/1 Ct 3 5.30 ACE Wildcatz v Kedron Lions Ultra

U12/3 Ct 1 6.30 Rebels v Kedron Lions Suns

U11/1 Ct 2 5.30 Kedron Lions Flame v Kedron Lions Azure