Training | Uniforms | Draw


The Draw for Saturday is out

Draw 14th March

Training for most teams is on tonight


Available for pick up  tonight from 5pm- 6pm. Look out for the marquee around the bottom courts


Training commences this week. Court allocations and times below.

Team Coach/Captain Day Court Time
Red Deb Forster N/A N/A N/A
Gold Shavaun Dolan N/A N/A N/A
Yellow Brianna McCarthy N/A N/A N/A
Jennifer Skinner
Garnet Tracy Brown Wednesday 6.30-8.00 8
Rosso Adam Disney Wednesday 7.30-8.30 13
Steel Sharon Carroll Wednesday 6.30-8.00 9
Aqua Brianna McCarthy Wednesday 7.00-8.30 7
Jennifer Skinner
Sky Sharon Crawford TBA TBA TBA
Ferrari Gaylene Patch-Taylor Wednesday 6.30-8.00 12
Rose Bec Casey Wednesday 6.30-8.00 10
Bondi Cassandra Bull Wednesday 6.30-8.00 10
Amanda Reeves
Topaz Heather Pomeroy Wednesday 6.00-7.30 11
Amber Lauren Schodel Wednesday 6.30-7.30 14
Nicole White
Midnight Niki McLarnon Wednesday 7.00-8.00 14
Suns Brianna McCarthy Wednesday 5.30-7.00 7
Jennifer Skinner
Ultra Adam Disney Wednesday 6.30-7.30 13
Electric Rod Bell Wednesday 5.30-6.30 8
Capri Terri Dillon Wednesday 5.30-6.30 12
Primrose Karen Lynch Wednesday 5.30-6.30 13
Flame Connal Langley Wednesday 5.30-6.30 11
Heather Pomeroy
Zest Ainsley Duncan Tuesday 5.00-6.00 TBA
Royal Susan Kennedy Wednesday 5.30-7.00 14
Under 10s
Ruby Sharon Crawford Wednesday` 5.30-6.30 14
Mellow Yellow Shavaun Dolan Saturday 8am TBA
Sandy Porter
Cardinal Simon McNamara Wednesday 5.30-6.30 9
Lisa Lee
Chilli Karen Moxly Wednesday 5.30-6.30 10
Daffodil Kelly Dann Wednesday 5.30-6.30 10
Azure Lisa Board Wednesaday 5.30-6.30 9
Karen Hutchings
Spotto Adam Disney Saturday 8am TBA
Teal Connal Langley Saturday 8am TBA