Carnival Draw Sunday | Sign On Fit Out

Sunday’s Carnival Draw is available now

Click here for the full draw.

We have 19 teams and be setting up a few tents on the day, with the majority down near court 13 but will have presence near the top courts also.

We do need some assistance to set up around and probably a few extra shades.

All umpires are sorted, but will be using a pool of umpires for U10s. They will be based in the main setup near court 13.

The club has canteen duty all day (7am to 4.30pm), so please assist Lois in her preparations and on the day.

Sign On Fit Out

Remember tomorrow we will have our sign on day so feel free to visit the Lion’s Den, particularly if you need a new uniform.

Open from 10am to noon.

EFT facilities available.