A Changing of the Guard and Many, Many Thanks …

Hello Kedron Lions members and patrons!

The 2016 AGM saw Niki McLarnon step down after five years as KL President and Simon (Steely) Dann step down as Club Secretary after four years. A much-deserved retirement for both of them. On behalf of the newly elected committee and all KL members past and present, I would like to thank you both once again for your wonderful community service for our proud and dynamic Netball Club.

I’m very pleased to be able to say we had a very successful transition, with all Executive, Management and General Committee positions being filled. Thank you to former KL Secretary, Michelle Rutter, for coming along to show her continued support and to all parents and members who took the time to attend our AGM. It was a great turn-out and it is this kind of interest that is needed for our club to continue to thrive as it has done in recent years.

The new committee and contact details will be posted on www.klnetball.com very soon.

Yours in KL Netball,

Adam Disney