A Message from the President

I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank a few out-going KL Committee Members.

The first KL Hero I would like to thank is Heather (Teddy) Pomeroy.  Heather has been an invaluable servant of Kedron Lions for past 7 years!

Heather as our Club Uniform Convenor has invested so much of her personal time in this role and in her role on our General Committee!  She has been a key player in our KL style evolution – from pleated skirts and polo shirts to the brilliant sports dresses our players don today (the envy of every other Club)! She has bought ’em, sorted ’em, stacked ’em and even made ’em (our very own qualified seamstress!)

Thankfully we will continue to see Teddy well into the future though, as she continues in her coaching role for our Inters and I am sure whenever we need an extra helping hand! Thankyou Heather!

Shavaun Dolan has followed her life-long dream to live near the WACA and has relocated to Perth!  ‘Vaun is our out-going VP and a terrier for our Senior player group, helping to forge a representative path for our Premier League players! Fundraising, drum beating and player yes, but also made herself available to coach and help mentor for fledgling coaches!  So the Western Australians get Sam Mitchell and Shavaun for next season, a fair swap for C-Bass I would think!

And to Jenn Skinner, thank you for your support, coaching, grading and keeping Bri McCartney in line!  Jenn has taken a position at a school way-out west to pursue her teaching career – and like Arnie, she will be back!

To all thank you for your tireless support and willingness to volunteer your time.  Your efforts do not go unrecognized and are greatly appreciated.

I would now like to welcome our new Committee and am sure they will work hard to live up to the high standards set by their predecessors. If you would like to make contact with anyone their contact details are listed below (these will also be available on the KL website shortly)

President Adam Disney president.klnetball@gmail.com
Secretary Lauren Schodel secretary.klnetball@gmail.com
Treasurer Donna Bannister treasurer.klnetball@gmail.com
Vice-President Nicole White vicepresident.klnetball@gmail.com
Registrar Suzi Chandler registrar.klnetball@gmail.com
Umpires Convener Andrew Hickey athickey@iinet.net.au
Coaching Convener Jacqui Allen coaching.klnetball@gmail.com
Rosters Convener Lois Bolton nandlbolton@bigpond.com
Uniform Convener Kristin Purvis uniforms.klnetball@gmail.com
Equipment Convener Natalie Pugsley equipment.klnetball@gmail.com
General Committee Member Brianna McCarthy briannamccarthy1995@gmail.com
General Committee Member Jodie McLagan jodie@ozrig.com.au
General Committee Member Leanne Bensted leanne.bensted@optusnet.com.au
General Committee Member Rodney Bell rodtezz1@bigpond.com

Adam Disney

Kedron Lions Netball Club Inc.

0417 607135