BNA Protection Policy

Good evening All

This is just a reminder to all our members that the current Member Protection Policy and the obligations it places on all members of BNA can viewed via our website –

Should anyone feel they require protection under this policy, they can refer the matter to the BNA Board or either of the two (2) Member Protection Information Officers, whose contact details have now been displayed on the BNA website under both the Policy and Procedures and Committee Contact Details tabs.

BNA’s MPP is based on that of Netball Queensland, and we take guidance from Netball Queensland with respect to updates to it. We understand that a new MPP has been adopted by Netball Australia, and that Netball Queensland will adopt it in due course. We will work with Netball Queensland in relation to the implementation, which we understand to be comprehensive, and which may necessitate additional resources being provided to associations by Netball Queensland.

We will certainly keep you updated of any changes as they occur.

Kind regards

Sharon Casablanca


Brisbane Netball Association

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