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Charlie and Mia representing the PRIDE!

courtesy Channel 7 Brisbane.



2018 Winter Selections

To our fabulous Kedron Lions Netball Club Inc. players – welcome to the 2018 BNA Winter season!

KL maintain a Winter/Summer team selection format, where the core of each team is maintained from Winter to Summer season.

Factors that can affect this are TIP selections, players not re-signing, injury etc.

Team coaches complete a detailed season performance assessment, providing valuable feedback that is added to active play assessment and trialling performance, all of which is then compiled by the grading panel and Coaching Director.

There are obviously many factors in consideration when teams are selected:

  • Players’ behavior;
  • Adherence to the Kedron Lions Netball Club Inc. and Netball Australia codes of behavior.  
  • Skill level;
  • Player potential;
  • Player’s position preference;
  • Team balance; and
  • Training attendance record.

Taking all of the above into account, we will also try to meet parental and player requests where possible.

If regarded as mature enough, some players may be selected in an age division above their age group. In addition to the factors listed above, when determining whether a player is suitable for such a selection, KL may also consider matching a player’s strengths and potential to a certain coach, and whether their court position will be better served in an older age division. Please also note that the preferred team member number is 8, 9 or 10 players per team, and this may be an additional necessary consideration.


  • We aim to release teams with allocated coaches or managers listed where possible.
  • Once 2018 Winter Season teams have been released, each team coach and manager will receive a player and (where applicable) parent contact and Medical information list.
  • Expect contact soon after regards training times etc.
  • Personal information is to be treated confidentially.
  • It is expected that each player will notify the coach and manager in a timely manner of any inability to train or play.
  • Each player has access to the draw via the BNA website, Mynetball App and via a link from WWW.KLNETBALL.COM and will be provided game details each week via email or text from the team manager.


  • Training courts are allocated by BNA on a percentage preferential basis. This is a new concept, and we may need your patience while this new concept is streamlined.
  • Training will most likely be of a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night. This is by the coach’s request. All Go, Junior, Intermediate and coached senior teams are required to attend training.
  • Again this winter season we have engaged weekly Wednesday shooter training sessions and a schedule will be disseminated before season start.
  • Div 1 and 2 Senior will be able to access a fortnightly KL PT Intensive and fortnightly group training and specialist sessions each alternate Tuesday night – more detail will be forwarded to the players concerned directly.

Filling in for another Kedron Lions team

  • GO players cannot play up in Juniors, Inters or Divisions. They can play across the GO section if needed.
  • All other players may play a fixture game for another Kedron Lions Saturday team, as per the rules of the association.
  • Players may NOT play across the same division or a grade lower.
  • A player can only play out of their own team on 2 occasions without penalty.
  • The coach of the player being asked to play elsewhere should be contacted if possible and both the player and team manager MUST notify the KL Club Secretary of this ‘playing up’ event.

We wish all the best for our Teams Selected this 2018 Winter season!






Dione O’Shannessy

Michael Atkinson


Isabella Anderson

Abby Argus

Isabelle Atkinson

Alice Barr

Claire Barry

Pearl Eupene

Grace Langton

Brianna O’Shannessy

Eliana Rotolone



Leigh Richardson


Estelle Barnham

Hannah Dawson

Tahlia MacMinn

Millie Olsen

Eva Parisi

Ava Pasqualini

Amie Peters

Emelyn Pugsley

Samira Richardson

Lily Sheppard


Mellow Yellow

Mackenzie Stevens


Jessie Allison

Isla Bianchi

Tahlia Caruana

Madeleine Coates

Tilly Cole

Erin Lowry

Grace Maller

Imogene Poole

Mia Reise

Chloe Smith




Simon McNamara

Sienna Cowin

Hannah Deeb

Abie Holding

Greer Gallagher

Eva Gill

Ella Mercurio

Kirra Moxly

Harriet Smith

Liliana Zele



Kelly Mahar


Charlotte Coster

Katie Dore

Hayley Duncan

Emily Gardner

Charli Griffith

Sophia Mammoliti

Hayley Muller

Maeve Riley

Grace Williams





Karen Moxly

Assistant Coach: Leanne Bensted


Jayla Behrendt

Sarah Bensted

Georgia Dann

Keeley Forde

Sena Langley

Sienna MacDonald

Tia Moxly

Ruby Ruggieri

Lucy Simmons



Adam Disney

Assistant Coach: Michelle McMinn


Jenna Bartholomeusz

Nadeijah Faasee

Gemma Hutchings

Eliza Luhrs

Sharne McCaskill

Jaclyn McMinn

Mikaela Sivyer

Jorgie Squire

Lauren Stewart



Rod Bell


Isla Barry

Matilda Bell

Meagan Chandler

Sienna Hockaday

Chelsea Hopsick

Caitlin Mahar

Sophia Manique

Olivia McNamara

Megan Stewart



Gavin Duffy


Elodie Douglas

Sophie Duffy

Ava Gugliucciello

Charlotte Hannabery

Ava Loth

Amelia Overs

Madison Parle

Imogen Simpson

Charlotte Williams



Julie Garner


Charlotte Atkinson

Charlotte Barr

Ainsley Burrows

Ashleigh Carter

Lily Garner

Emily Heinemann

Sophie Holloway

Sian Isaacs

Bethany Kingston

Arrabella Tanner





Cassandra Bull

Assistant Coach: Ellie Willis


Madaleine Fry

Priya Horan

Danielle Luhrs

Enrica Moschella

Aoife Ni Chinneide

Bailey Polson

Harriet Richardson

Sophia Stacey

Grace Waugh

Hayley Webb



Caileigh Fowler/Kelsey Pugsley


Elizabeth Bates

Lucy Barnham

Adelaide Bowman

Meg Combarngo

Rebecca Harvey

Nicole Kowitz

Georgia Murphy

Chantelle Neisler

Mia Parisi

Maya Podlich



Heather Pomeroy


Abby Armstrong

Meghan Board

Amy Gallagher

Katherine Gehrke

Piper Gledhill

Charlotte Logan

Charlotte Robinson

Macey Scherer

Lily Strati

Rose Williams



Alison Alsop



Jasmine Butterworth

Alyssa Caruana

Hilary Davis

Prudence Dixon

Charlie Kennedy

Samantha Ney

Mia Rose

Samantha Teis

Leila Travers





Rod Bell


Sheridan Abrey

Luisa Alberti

Molly Bell

Olivia Cognetta

Margo Davis

Nicola Griffiths

Natalie Kroll

Tahlia Kroll

Ebony Marsh



Tamara Black


Ella Bartholomeusz

Aneeka Behrendt

Emily Butterworth

Bianca Fioravanti

Skylah Heke

Grace Hilton

Jasmine McNamara

Michelle Pitcher

Lilian Thomas

Miriam Thomas



Bri McCarthy/Wendy Hopsick


Nina Alsop

Taylor Hamblin

Lucia Hogan

Emily Hopsick

Caitlin Langton

Ellen Manique

Megan Rogers

Stella Salamone

Gabby Tealby

Lucy Thorn



Grace Wagner

Assistant Coach: Shelly Fernandez


Jessica Argus

Charlotte Dewar

Chloe Evans

Ruby Logan

Mia Mercurio

Klara Morzone

Caitlin Overs

Amelie Simmons

Monique Sparks



Molly McLarnon/Ebony McLagan


Rose Duncan

Claire Evans

Lucy Feltrin

Elise Houlihan

Hannah Lowe

Amy Mercurio

Taylah Murphy

Sable Nelson

Holly Thomas



Heather Pomeroy


Phillipa Dixon

Arwen Ghani

Lashay Hayward

Jessica Heinemann

Caitlin Kose

Annabelle Stone

Ellen Toson

Sahara Williamson

Lauryn Winter



Adam Disney

Manager: Lauren Schodel


Clarice Bolton

Samantha Carter

Caileigh Fowler

Sophie Horton

Isabella McMaster

Naomi Nott

Kelsey Pugsley

Johannah Sehl

Emily Smith





Rebecca Casey


Ashleigh Arment

Rebecca Casey

Kate Every

Molly McLarnon

Brydie Parle

Julie Robbins

Lauren Schodel

Caitlin Strachan

Rachael Walker

Elke Watts



Cassandra Bull


Cassandra Bull

Kerrie Cavanagh

Kelly Churchward

Kelly Dann

Vicki Hicks

Stephanie Jackson

Courtney Lamb

Susan Thomas

Vanessa Tyler

Ellie Willis



Tahlia Hedges


Taryn Armour

Rachelle Fernandez

Natalie George

Allamanda Heath

Tahlia Hedges

Ebony McLagan

Rebecca Marsh

Jessica Matthews

Ashleigh Trevis

Madison Ward



Heather Pomeroy


Ella Andrew

Ruby Bannister

Victoria Campbell

Emily Carroll

Eloise Dann

Sophia Foldvary

Ellen Gardener

Madelyn Hammersley

Ashley Kroll

Jemima Patch Taylor





Sharon Edwards


Caitlyn Baker

Maya Ballantine

Ellie Hoble

Annabelle Nott

Teah Peters

Hannah Schaper

Kristen Ulbrich

Anna Walsh

Jessie White



Michelle Peel


Ruby Bannister

Georgia Black

Rachelle Fernandez

Ashleigh Marler

Ebony McLagan

Molly McLarnon

Annabel Peel

Makenzie Robbins

Charli Sivyer

Grace Wagner



Deborah Forster


Tamara Black

Morgan Farley

Deborah Forster

Mahalia Gibcus

Katherine Heseltine

Catherine Joice

Rachael Lavercombe

Karen Moxley

Nadia Mulhearn

Sarah Pyman

Dallas Wright



Nicole White


Abbi Kennedy

Ashley Kroll

Rachael McLindon

Jaime Papallo

Ashleigh Sehl

Becky Short

Kourtney Ward

Jordan White

Rhys White



Adam Disney

Assistant Coach: Ian Giles


Abbey Clacher

Milla Corser

Ava Disney

Georgia Giles

Sarah Giles

Meg Harley

Kate Lister

Maddy McDonald

Amelia Reid

Emily Thorn


Winter 2018 Season – Priority Registration!

Application for Priority Registration for Winter 2018!.

Winter season is nearly upon us and we will be opening Applications for Priority Registrations for our current members on Monday 22nd January 2018.

All registrations  are to be completed online via the Mynetball website using the below links.

NetSetGo Players (born 2008 and 2009)

Junior Players (born 2001 to 2007)

Senior Players (born 2000 and earlier)

More detailed information about Registrations for Winter 2018 season can be found here.


Winter 2018 Season Fees are $285.00 for all players.

All Registrations Close: 4th February 2018 6:00pm

Winter Season Trials (Attendance to trials is required for team selection).

10th February – Juniors  (times still to be confirmed)

11th February – Seniors (times still to be confirmed)


Please register early as we only have limited spaces.